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I just realized that I wrote a post last Mother’s Day and never hit publish, so, for those of you who care, here it is:

My Mother’s Day was so nice and restful…for the most part.  First, my mom, God bless her, asked if the boys could come spend the night with her Saturday night and go to church with her this morning.  I jumped on that and said, “Yes, please”, (after checking with Shmoopy to make sure it wouldn’t ruin any surprise for them to do so).

So this morning was much quieter than usual, though it started just as early as ever since we still had Sissy with us and she must be nursed at 7am!  Once we were all ready for church, Shmoopy told me he was taking me to breakfast before church wherever I wanted to go.  Now, I know this is weird, but I chose McDonald’s.  I’m allergic to eggs and, therefore, not big on breakfast foods anyway.  But McDonald’s has a steak and cheese bagel that I find yummy and their Mocha Lattes are delicious!  Say what you want, but that’s what I wanted and I got it!

Then we went to church, which is a house church.  Today was special in that the men, mostly Kyle (Thanks, Kyle, it was delish!), made the lunch and even cleaned up afterwards.  It was so nice.  I didn’t have to tend to the boys and beg them to eat.  I just got to sit back and relax!  Thanks, guys!

Also, my very sweet Shmoopy bought a single long-stemmed rose for all of the moms in our church, including me, of course!  He’s yummy, too!

Then, when the boys finally came home from Grammy’s house this afternoon, we went to Chili’s (again, my choice) for dinner.  This was preceded by the one not so sweet time of the day when Boss cried and cried for 15 minutes because his Daddy made him take his long-sleeved shirt and jeans off to change into something cooler.  My mother must’ve kept them up until midnight last night!

Anyway, somehow, Shmoopy was able to erase that poor attitude so much so that dinner was actually quite pleasant.  They even took turns saying what they loved about me.

Shmoopy said he loves how well I take care of the kids.

Boss said he loves when I run to him when he’s hurt and make it better.

Bubba said he just loves me!

Sissy couldn’t voice it, but I know she was thinking, “I’m thankful for her milk!”  (Hey, I know reality!)

All in all, it was a very peaceful, sweet day!  I’m thankful to be so beyond blessed!

To top it off, we had two couples tell us today that they’re ready to put deposits down on our rental house.  So now we have a decision to make.  God is so good and faithful to ALWAYS take care of us!

Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!mothers-day


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house-churchThis last Tuesday I read the following letter to our church board, of which I was a member.  In the following days, I plan to write more about our move into the organic house church.

Throughout the last year, my family has struggled with the call to join the organic house church. This is a very exciting movement that we feel can greatly help Christians accomplish the task that Jesus assigned us…to “go and make disciples of all men.” Our heart has been greatly burdened for several years to be better ministers to the people we know in our neighborhood and to reach out to the ones we’ve not yet met. Attending church 20 miles from our home several days a week has made this next to impossible, at least to the extent that we feel called.

Though we have felt this burden, we have been hesitant to make that leap of faith for several reasons. It’s not the traditional church that we have been raised in and love. We have great relationships with the people of RCN; very few in this church have deeper roots than my husband. We didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or cause controversy in any way. We were afraid of what it would mean to take our children out of the traditional church that they have attended faithfully since they were born. One important aspect that made it so difficult for us to step out in faith was our great respect for Pastor Salter and his aspirations for what RCN can be. We love what he has done to foster social action in the community surrounding RCN because we feel this is a perfect example of Jesus’ love to those who don’t enter the doors of this building.

However, God lovingly made it very clear to us in recent months and weeks that this is definitely what He wants our family to do, and He has made the circumstances so perfect. We have prayed for years that God would show us how to minister to our neighbors, and He has placed the person that the Church of the Nazarene has hired to start the organic house church, Darrell MacLearn, literally right next door to us. This is a huge answer to prayer because we can learn from him how to be missionaries to McKinney.

And so, we are taking this leap of faith, and we are asking you to leap with us. While you will not see our faces in the halls of this building every time the doors are open anymore, rest assured that we are still a part of the body of RCN. You will still see us from time to time. We are asking for your support through prayer and friendship as we embark on this exciting journey to McKinney as missionaries from RCN. We sincerely hope that this move will in no way be interpreted as a threat to this church body, because it’s just the opposite; it’s an asset as we will merely be an extension of RCN in McKinney. We simply feel called to be Kingdom builders in our own neighborhood. Therefore, I offer my resignation from this board. Please join with my family in prayer as we sit back and witness what God has in store for His church!

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