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Some of you know that Shmoopy and I have decided to give up the safety of Suburbia and simply follow where the Holy Spirit leads…no matter the cost.  There are several reasons for this decision, but that’s another post for another day. (We actually intend to start a blog about this new journey of ours. Stay tuned.)  Well, we’ve been earnestly praying and seeking God’s will as to what He would have us do and where He would have us do it.  We feel pretty sure that we are called to live among the poor, but we have not known whether that would be in inner-city America, Cambodia, Kenya or somewhere else.  We’ve done massive amounts of research in addition to our prayers in the last month in hopes that a door would open.  We still don’t have an open door, but we may have been told today which direction to look in, which is a HUGE answer to prayer when you consider how big this world of ours is!

The answer began on day last week.  I was getting anxious and depressed because I felt like we weren’t feeling any direction for our journey.  I fell asleep one night praying, begging, that God would tell us where to go.  We didn’t care where; we would definitely go if He would just tell us where.  The next morning, I awoke with a single word running through my mind very loudly, very clearly: BRAZIL, BRAZIL, BRAZIL…

This had happened to me once before in answer to earnest prayer, but, again, that’s another post for another day.  Honestly, I kind of thought to myself that God wouldn’t make it that easy for me and I had probably just read something about Brazil and it was just a subconscious response.  Brazil wasn’t even on our radar; it wasn’t one of the places we had found possible opportunities.  So I dismissed the notion that God may be calling us to go to Brazil, and didn’t even mention it to Shmoopy.

Then this morning as we were in the car on our way to San Antonio for a house church conference, I was praying again, begging God to just tell us where He wanted us to go, and we would go.  All of a sudden, a picture flashed in my mind for the briefest of seconds.  However, brief, though, it was a very clear picture.  It was the huge statue of Jesus that overlooks Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  My thoughts were:

1. That was weird.

2. Hey, that thing’s in Brazil and I had Brazil on my mind the other morning. Weird!

3.Again, I’m just trying to make something out of nothing because I want so desperately for God to reveal our destination to us.

So, again, I dismissed the notion that this was possibly an answer to our earnest prayers and didn’t even mention it to Shmoopy.

Then, this afternoon, as we were on a hot bus taking a tour of house churches in San Antonio, I received the following message from my dear friend Kyle (who happens to be at the Q conference in Chicago with his wife this week):

“If you all are interested in being missionaries to a hot zone, research Rio de Janeiro. Home of the 2016 Olympics.  One of the most beautiful cities in the world and also one of the most dangerous.  And they need Jesus in a big way!”

Shmoopy and I were talking, I can’t remember who was in mid-sentence, but whomever it was stopped.  He could see the utter shock on my face and my eyes welling with tears, so he asked me what was wrong.  I tried my best to explain all of the above to him through my tears and hyperventilation.  It was as if God were telling met o “WAKE UP!  I KEEP TELLING YOU WHERE TO GO AND YOU KEEP ASKING AGAIN!!!  GO TO BRAZIL!”

I’m not sure what all this means, but I do know that Shmoopy and I will be fervently researching Rio de Janeiro while continuing to pray for the Holy Spirit’s continued leading.  Man, God is always so faithful to us, and I don’t just mean Shmoopy and I.  He’s faithful to all of us.  And what an adventure it is to finally trust Him with EVERYTHING!


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Boss just came home from school, so I asked him what he learned about in school today.  He said they learned what was hot and what was cold.  The following conversation ensued:

Me: So what’s hot?

Boss: A volcano.

Bubba: Yeah!  It’s real hot!  It will melt you!

Me: Yep, that’s right!

Me: So what’s cold?

Boss: Water.

Me: Well, water can be hot or cold.

Boss: It’s cold when it comes out of the sink.

Me: Hot water can come out of the sink, too.  You know what is ALWAYS cold? Ice.

Boss: Not if it melts.

Me: If it melts, it’s no longer ice.

Boss: True.

Me: So what else is hot?

Boss: YOU!

I promise you that’s how it happened!  That kids cracks me up!

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I began reading the Bible to Boss when he was a newborn baby.  I’ve tried to read it to him everyday, though there are days when it just doesn’t get done…and that’s okay.  Well, tonight, in anticipation of his 6th birthday tomorrow, we finished the last chapter of Revelation.  We read the entire Bible together!!!  It took us 6 years, but we did it!  The great thing about it is that he loves reading his Bible!  He asks me every night if we can have Bible time.  I pray that this love of God’s word continues in his life.  And I’m so glad to be able to share this accomplishment with “my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

Note: In case you’re wondering, Bubba and I are in 1 Chronicles and Sissy and I are in Judges!

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I just realized that I wrote a post last Mother’s Day and never hit publish, so, for those of you who care, here it is:

My Mother’s Day was so nice and restful…for the most part.  First, my mom, God bless her, asked if the boys could come spend the night with her Saturday night and go to church with her this morning.  I jumped on that and said, “Yes, please”, (after checking with Shmoopy to make sure it wouldn’t ruin any surprise for them to do so).

So this morning was much quieter than usual, though it started just as early as ever since we still had Sissy with us and she must be nursed at 7am!  Once we were all ready for church, Shmoopy told me he was taking me to breakfast before church wherever I wanted to go.  Now, I know this is weird, but I chose McDonald’s.  I’m allergic to eggs and, therefore, not big on breakfast foods anyway.  But McDonald’s has a steak and cheese bagel that I find yummy and their Mocha Lattes are delicious!  Say what you want, but that’s what I wanted and I got it!

Then we went to church, which is a house church.  Today was special in that the men, mostly Kyle (Thanks, Kyle, it was delish!), made the lunch and even cleaned up afterwards.  It was so nice.  I didn’t have to tend to the boys and beg them to eat.  I just got to sit back and relax!  Thanks, guys!

Also, my very sweet Shmoopy bought a single long-stemmed rose for all of the moms in our church, including me, of course!  He’s yummy, too!

Then, when the boys finally came home from Grammy’s house this afternoon, we went to Chili’s (again, my choice) for dinner.  This was preceded by the one not so sweet time of the day when Boss cried and cried for 15 minutes because his Daddy made him take his long-sleeved shirt and jeans off to change into something cooler.  My mother must’ve kept them up until midnight last night!

Anyway, somehow, Shmoopy was able to erase that poor attitude so much so that dinner was actually quite pleasant.  They even took turns saying what they loved about me.

Shmoopy said he loves how well I take care of the kids.

Boss said he loves when I run to him when he’s hurt and make it better.

Bubba said he just loves me!

Sissy couldn’t voice it, but I know she was thinking, “I’m thankful for her milk!”  (Hey, I know reality!)

All in all, it was a very peaceful, sweet day!  I’m thankful to be so beyond blessed!

To top it off, we had two couples tell us today that they’re ready to put deposits down on our rental house.  So now we have a decision to make.  God is so good and faithful to ALWAYS take care of us!

Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!mothers-day

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Grab Her Foot

Shmoopy had taken the kids out to eat last Saturday while I was at a meeting.  On the way to the car, Bubba said, “Daddy?”  Shmoopy said, “Yes, buddy?”  Bubba said, “When Momma goes to Heaven, I’m gonna grab her foot.”

Ahhh!  When Shmoopy told me that, my heart melted.  What a sweet thing to say!  I asked him if he asked what he meant.  You know, did he want to keep me from going to Heaven, or did he just want to catch a ride with me.  But Shmoopy being the man that he is just left it at that and had not inquired further.

So I took it upon myself yesterday to ask Bubba why he was going to grab my foot when I go to Heaven.  He said, “Well, you’re gonna blow up.”


I said, “I’m gonna blow up?”

He said, “You’re gonna blow up to Heaven.”

I said, “Oh, like float up in the sky?”

He said, “Yea.  Because God loves you!”

Man, isn’t that THE SWEETEST THING YOU’VE EVER HEARD IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!!  I thought so.  What a kid.  It’s times like that that make up for the moments when he’s screaming how mad he is at me.

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Below is a conversation I just had a few minutes ago with Bubba while we were painting.  I love this stuff and think it’s adorable.  However, it’s also why I crave adult interaction the way a heroine addict craves heroine!  Not the best analogy I know, but my brain cells have been killed by motherhood.

Bubba: I’m making an elephant.  And I’m making a little boat.  It’s a little one.

Me: Is the elephant in the boat?

Bubba: Yea.

Me: Is the boat sinking because the elephant’s too big for it?

Bubba: No.  It’s not a boat.

Me: Oh.  What is it, then?

Bubba: IT’S A GIRAFFE!!!!

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boy-vs-girlAs I was changing Sissy’s diaper today, Boss exclaimed, “Uh oh, Mom, Sissy doesn’t have her peepee yet!”

I laughed and said, “She has her peepee, buddy.  She’s a girl and her peepee is supposed to look like that.”

To which he replied, “No, it’s missing.”

I told him, “Girls’ peepees look like that, and boys’ peepees look like yours and Daddy’s.”

He said, “You’re a girl and you have a peepee like mine, so she just hasn’t gotten hers yet.”

I almost rolled over laughing at that!  I told him most assuredly that my peepee most certainly does not look like his or Daddy’s and explained very briefly to him that all girls look like Sissy and all boys look like him.  I have no idea why he thinks mine looks like his; he hasn’t even been allowed to see me naked for almost 2 years!  Ha, my kids crack me up!

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